Hybrit Congress November 17th-20th 2021
In our Burkon online congress system, after the approval of our scientific program, the Submitting Presentation area, which we have made for registered speakers to share their presentations with the participants, can be accessed from the link you see in the picture below. This area is for the use of registered speakers. It is not possible to access the files or presentations of the speakers from this section. Registered users can use this section before or after their speech in the scientific program, they only need to log into the system with their membership. A person who does not log in to the system cannot visit this section as a guest.

Presentation Delivery Procedures Detailed Information
  • Only Speakers can make presentations.
  • You can only deliver your presentation in the form of a PDF file.
  • Submitted presentations will be shared with all other participants through the Online Congress Platform.
  • We recommend that you make the presentation deliveries after you have made your presentations.
  • The files you send in this presentation delivery should only consist of the content you want to be shared with the participants. The sender is responsible for all content in the shared file.
  • The files you have submitted will be shared with the participants through the scientific program.
  • If you want our presentation that you have submitted to be shared to be deleted from the system, please send an e-mail to webinar@burkon.com.

Presentation delivery is only for sharing the presentation with the participants. During the sessions, you should open your presentations on your own computers and present them by screen sharing via Zoom.

Presentations sent to the system appear on the Scientific Program page just below the speech that the speaker marked to be loaded. It is mandatory to be registered in the system to download these presentations. Links are closed to outside guests and other users.

Please do not use files over 20 MegaByte (MB) for presentation submission. If you are having trouble uploading your presentation file, our Presentation Delivery Staff will be happy to assist you.